Listing of All Current Rodeos

WILLIAMS(Williams, AZ) - 09/09/2017 COTTONWOOD 2017(Williams, AZ) - 09/09/2017 Florence Parada 2017(Florence, AZ) - 11/24/2017
Marana 2018(Marana, AZ) - 01/13/2018

It was a FABULOUS rodeo weekend of beautiful weather at a great facility. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and made the weekend go by so quickly and successfully. Marana All Around Champions are 16-8 Jackson Clark 108pts &Caslyn Weidenbener 84pts. 13-15 Cooper Andersen 85pts & Kenzie Kelton 98pts, 9-12 Ketch Kelton 130 pts & Dallas jo Keenan 104 pts. 4-8 Rylee Shuman 80 pts. Boys TBA after roughstock completed. Entries for Gila Bend are due by February 2nd.